What is JarYard?

JarYard brings modern Javadoc to all open source projects of the Java ecosystem. Classic Javadoc uses a clumsy frameset and does not integrate into project homepages nicely. Our doclet changes this by presenting Javadoc the way your library deserves it. For an example, see the Guava Javadoc.

Key features include:

Which libraries are included?

Currently we're listing projects from Maven Central and from our own public Maven repository. You can use the search to find groups and artifacts or use the alphabetic index to browse through the available libraries.

Your favorite library is not listed yet? Or the link to the Javadoc is not working? Probably we have not indexed the artifact or did not generate the Javadoc yet. Just drop us a line, we will be happy to generate some docs for you.

Aritfact pages

We also provide artifact pages for all indexed libraries and versions. For an example, see the Guava page. These pages can be used to retrieve basic information about a library release and to access further resources.

Each artifact page provides code snippets to include the library into your own project using your build system. Although it is possible and tempting to use dynamic versions for your project dependencies in gradle scripts for example, this can lead to unpredictable build behavior and should probably always be avoided. Hence it makes sense to find the latest version for the libraries you are using.