Jeography is Java GIS toolkit with a focus on OpenStreetMap data. The main GUI is for browsing the map and performing some geo data related tasks.


Development of Jeography happens at GitHub. It is organized in the following repositories: jeography-core, jeography-gis. Discussions take place at the Mailing List


To run the latest version, check out the source code:

git clone

and then run using gradle:

gradle run

to make it available for launchers, first build the project:

gradle createRuntime

and then run the script located at scripts/jeography.

Using the offline search option

Jeography features an offline search option for places. You can open the search dialog through the menu MapSearch or by pressing Ctrl + F.

To use the search option, you need a database. We provide prebuilt database files here:

Download one of the files to your computer and then in Jeography, navigate to FileSettingsGeneral and specifiy the location where you stored the database in the database field. You need to restart the application for this change to take effect.

You can also create your own database with the script located at scripts/create-place-database. Here's the usage message:

usage: CreatePlaceDatabase [args]
    --input <arg>          the input file
    --input-format <arg>   the file format of the input
    --langs <arg>          languages to use (default value: en, de)
    --output <arg>         database output file
    --types <arg>          place types to use (default value: country,
                           state, county, city, town, village, region,

For example you can call the script like this to create a database that includes native names and both English and French names of places for all countries, cities and islands from an OpenStreetMap data file:

scripts/create-place-database --input /tmp/places.pbf --input-format pbf -output database.sqlite --langs en,fr --types country,city,island

Using the Goto feature

There's also a 'Go To' dialog to navigate to coordinates quickly. You can open the that dialog through the menu MapGo to or by pressing Ctrl + G.

You can paste text in different formats there. Jeography will parse it, translate it to coordinates and allows you to jump to the specified location by pressing Enter or clicking the Go button.